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Domestic Support

Assist with Personal Domestic Activities in Melbourne

If you have NDIS funding and are searching for a support staff who can assist you with personal domestic activities in Melbourne, you need to get in touch with Careon.


We are an organisation committed to the betterment of the participants. For this, we offer high-end care. This is provided by our trained and experienced support workers who are adept at managing participants with various types of domestic tasks. So, no matter the physical impairments that you have, if you want to accomplish your goals, now is the best time to hire our professionals.

Professional Services Delivered with Compassion

We are a reputed disability services & support organisation striving to provide our clients with the care that they are looking for. We do this by creating and implementing individualised support plans. On top of this, we personalise these plans even more so that the participants gain the skills of managing the activities at home or in shared spaces independently.

Household Maintenance Services in Melbourne

At Careon, apart from assisting with domestic activities, we provide household maintenance services in Melbourne as well. Here, our support workers will help you keep your place organised and help retain its allure. They specialise in housekeeping Melbourne homes and look for flaws that need to be fixed. This can be anything such as repairing walls, painting, cleaning or usual decluttering. They will basically suggest the modifications that need to be done routinely to keep your home in a tip-top condition. So, if you want a responsible household assistant, we are here to meet your needs.

Our NDIS household support services in Melbourne include individual planning for your convenience. That means, apart from assisting you with the domestic activities, our staff will take your suggestions into account and inspect your home from time to time and let you know about the improvements that are necessary to keep the place in the best shape. Further, they will help manage your budget when it comes to household maintenance.

What To Expect From Our Domestic Assistance Services in Melbourne?

In our domestic assistance service in Melbourne, you will get support with an array of tasks that include
  • Gardening
  • Home organisation
  • Home cleaning
  • Meal preparation
  • Washing clothes
  • Ironing
  • Preparing grocery lists, etc.

Our registered NDIS service provider Melbourne support workers assist our clients with all these tasks. But while doing so, they remain attentive. Also, they strive to keep participants safe while helping them with the tasks. And with personalisation, our support staff can assist participants more efficiently. So, if you have physical impairments and want to take up the service, now is the time to get in touch with us.

We will personalise the NDIS household maintenance and support services in Melbourne depending on your daily lifestyle and the goals that you want to reach. For this reason, rest assured that you are in good hands, as a participant or a family member of the same.

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Why Choose Our Assistance with Personal Domestic Activities in Melbourne?

Yes, with the support services that we offer, you will be able to perform most of the household tasks. However, the impairments that you have can affect your capability of accomplishing tasks. So, our staff would determine the same so that they can tailor the services better.

Our support workers assess homes to determine whether they are in the best condition. After examining places, they will let you know about the things that you can improve such as decluttering your home, cleaning it, etc.

Yes, our professionals assist with planning to make the household support services more effective for participants. To develop the plans, we take client requirements and their impairments into account.

At Careon, we offer comprehensive assistance with household tasks and this is why we are considered one of the top support providers. To know more about what you can expect from this service, you should connect with us today, and without delay

Schedule Our Domestic Assistance Services in Melbourne

If you are looking for support with domestic assistance in Melbourne, you can trust us. We have the best support workers and the required experience. So, Contact Us by calling us or sending us a WhatsApp text. You can email us your queries and we will reply to you with the answers as soon as possible.

Home is where
the Heart is

You only know, they want to stay at their own home!

Home is where
the Heart is

You only know, they want to stay at their own home!

Home is where
the Heart is

You only know, they want to stay at their own home!

You can count on us for any help you need around the house. Call us today.