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About Us

Careon Services is a registered NDIS Support Service in Melbourne, Victoria and Perth, Western Australia. We combine the drive for excellence with a passion to support people with disability to live a full and unrestricted life.

We began with the goal to become a pivotal support role to the disability community in Melbourne, and every day we strive to achieve that. We know that seeking disability support or navigating the NDIS can be confusing, so we’re here to act as a helping hand.

Whether it be disability home care, achieving your career goals or therapeutic support, you can count on Careon Services to provide this to you with care and professionalism.

What We Offer You

At Careon, we offer a wide range of disability services for all aspects of your life including social and community participation. As a trusted Perth and Melbourne NDIS provider, our goal is to empower you, improve the quality of your life and help you achieve your goals. Through personalised care, we meet your needs no matter where you are in life and assistance you require. After getting in touch with us, we can work together to build a support plan that considers your needs, goals and lifestyle.

about careon VISION

Our Shared Vision

Careon Services is driven by the passion to ensure that people with disabilities, particularly from multicultural backgrounds, can enjoy life and contribute fully to their Australian communities. Our vision is to champion people with disability to improve their quality of life and receive better opportunities. We don’t believe in only short-term solutions, but whatever support is needed to help you live a life unrestricted by your disability.

CAREON mission driver

Our Mission Driver

Careon’s mission is to empower disadvantaged people and people with a disability to live a normal lifestyle of their choice by supporting them in their natural environment and maximising their capacities. We do this through the provision of accessible and effective services, and by enhancing their participation in social and economic activities of their interest.

CAREON mission driver

Our Genuine Values

Our team at Careon Services are chosen for their compassionate nature and genuine values. You can expect our team to embody these values every day as they work hard to give you the caring support that you deserve.

These values are:


Assurance of quality; excellence of care; praise for success; and embracement of innovation.


Respect for human rights and personal choices; believing in equality and inclusiveness; freedom from abuse; and no tolerance of misconduct.


Protection of privacy; maintaining the confidentiality of people engaging with us; upholding the duty of care of our clients; protection and safety of all people; and embracing honesty, transparency, governance, and responsibility.

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